Friday, October 17, 2008

St Ignatius of Antioch

We've read about St Ignatius.

I had a morning rant about getting things done in time for Mass - chores, pack stuff, exercise, computer.

Listening to music and reading in the car.

9.15 a.m. Mass, where Fr. talked a bit more about St Ignatius.

Read ninemsn for headlines - talked about Prime Minister Rudd's monetary plans to help deal with the financial crisis; read about Madonna's divorce.

Ice skating and social with other homeschoolers at Penrith.

Design and draw cards for thank you notes.

Music lessons. Part time work for Alexander.

Hang out with visiting friend.

Youth group.


Greg said...

I saw the article about Madonna's divorce just after I spoke to you about her brother's book. From what I remember they hated each other? (Ritchie and brother, not Madonna and brother).

Leonie said...

Yeah, Ritchie doeasn't seem very nice, in the book...