Tuesday, October 28, 2008

St Simon and St Jude

Log for Monday and Tuesday

Read about Saints for this week ( Society and Environment) and talked about feast and foods, plans of food to make ( Food and Technology)

Kumon Maths ( Maths)

Silent reading -Ancient Rome, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, gaming magazines , Biggles in France( English, Society and Environment)

Games - role playing - teams and strategies and game theory ( Maths, English)

Movies and discussion ( Engish - Film and Media)

Discuss terrorism and security while at airport ( Society and Environment)

Work for Kumon and Salmat ( Work Education - P.D.)

Cook dinner ( Food and Technology)

Listen to music; play piano (Arts)

Discuss word meanings after reading ( English)

Write game scenarios, email ( English)

Games, install games, internet research ( Computers)

French homework and French Class ( Language; Soical - P.D.)

Fitness ( P.E.)

IKEA outing with French Class

Current events - ninemsn ( Society and Environment)

Look up info re bird eating spider ( Science)
Bike riding ( P.E.)
Read and talk about St Crispin's Day, the B attle of Agincourt, Willima Shakspeare's St Crispin's Day speech in Henry V ( English, Society and Environment)

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