Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our week so far...

We had French class. Worked through another lesson, leaving translation for homework and broke into small groups to write friendy letters in French

Visited Castle Hill library. Dymocks. The dentist. Long talk on dental care and on customer service and being assertive.

Singstar and active games with friends.

Computer and email and facebook and myspace and internet research.

Play piano. Listen to music. Part time work. Serve at Mass.

And watch an episode of The Howard Years. Discuss the GST, the East Timor crisis, refugees, political figures and parties, left wing and right wing, moderates, leaders. History being made in our time..

More episodes of Alias - talk about the Cold War, Russia, communism.

We also got into a long philosophical discussion on actions that are morally right or morally justified. This was over a game - my four teens, including my 13 year old, and me and one of the kids’ friends. We talked about what the Church teaches and then our friend asked, simply because he is not Catholic - but how could what the Church teaches apply to me? So then we talked about truth, about absolute truth, about logic, about the Bible.

Read about St Catherine of Alexandria and about Catherine Wheels, fireworks. And about Vietnam - Vietnamese martyrs.

Kumon and uni Maths.

Writing out lists and ideas for role playing games.

Latin -Memoria Press.

Cooking ~ ice cream ( a failure). Cake ( a success). Look at Egyptian Cookbook from British Museum and discuss history and cooking and culture.

Reading, talk about books, compare and contrast.

Write novels.

Time management and weekend plans.

Bible reading and follow up on parish Advent programme.
Tomorrow is mass, ice skating, piano lessons, work, youth group...


Greg said...

I hope it wasn't an Egyptian ice cream that was a failure!

Chris said...

Wow. What a week. Just as well you are all fit to keep going.

Leonie said...

Greg - sadly it was - we threw out the apricot ice cream that didn't work. :-(

Chris, our weekend is hectic - lol!

Julie said...

Hi Leonie!
Do the boys like to blog?

I had just been talking to Stephanie today about wanting to start a blog about current affairs...we are always talking about issues between her and I and I thought it would be great if the teens could share their ideas, reactions and comments, building up the skill to express opinions...even maybe each could contribute their own little article -like a homeschool newspaper among themselves!

The kids could kind of share comments about the day's news, issues of concern, raising awareness of things going on locally and globally that are of interest to them, of events, tidbits and write articles about them...some maybe answer and clarify questions from others...learning to express their opinions and interpretations of the events that are going on around them...
Would the boys be interested?