Tuesday, November 4, 2008

St Charles Borromeo

An orchestra requires men with different talents and, within limits, different tastes; if all men insisted upon playing the trombone, orchestral music would be impossible. Social co-operation, in like manner, requires differences of taste and aptitude, which are less likely to exist if all children are exposed to the same influences than if parental differences are allowed to affect them ....
Another merit of home is that it preserves the diversity between individuals. If we were all alike, it might be convenient for the bureaucrat and the statistician, but it would be very dull, and would lead to a very unprogressive society. - Bertrand Russell

Log for Monday Nov 3 and Tues Nov 4

Discuss plans for the week Personal Development

Kumon Maths, games, collaborative and team games Maths, Social and P.D.

Read Famous Men of Rome English, Society and Environment

Read about and discuss the Byzantines English, Society and Environment

Work on novel writing, do related internet searches English, Computer

Make biscotti Food and Technology

French homework Language

Look at Monet's art, read biography, use French blog, look at and read books on Monet Arts, Language, Computer

Watch A Bit of Fry and Laurie and discuss humour, satire English, Film and Media

Piano practice Arts

Work at Kumon Work Education

Social with visitors P.D.

Discuss US election and parties and candidates Society and Environment

French class with other homeschoolers, after games after Language, Phys Ed

Make hats ( chapeaux) for Melbourne Cup day and talk about the Melbourne Cup and about French fashion designers Arts, Design and technology, Society and Environment

First aid Health

Work at Mc Donalds, Kumon, pamphlet folding Work education

Serve at Mass P.D.

Pray the Litany of All Saints and discuss

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