Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week in reflection

Kumon Maths
Library visit and skills ( Rouse Hill library)
Games and discussion with visitor
Work education @ Kumon
Writing skills re rpgs
Confilct negotiation
Genre/plot/characterisation - Stargate Atlantis
Silent reading
Religion - discuss Ordinary TIme
French class with other homeschoolers
Active games; board games; video games
Junk mail delivery
Piano practice
Bike ride
Serve @ Mass
Discussion with dinner guest
Religion/Society and Environment - St Hilary, role of the Church in history, role of women.
Computers and technology
Kumon Maths
Food and technology - cooking lunch for visitors; baking
Film and media - movie marathon with friends and discussion - Dr Who
Wii Fit
Silent reading
Computers and technology
Kumon Maths
Latin - Lingua Angelica
Music - piano; Gregorian chant for music appreciation
Work education @ Kumon
Personal Development and Society and Environment - discuss politicac bias, how political parties work, ehtics re violence and abortion and terrorism, using Battlestar Galactica as a springboard.
Writing skills - novels
Library visit and skills - Chatswood Library
Visit Games Workshop, Borders and explore topics
Attend mass/serve @ Mass
Read about and discuss St Paul the Hermit and St Anthony of the Desert and monastic life and St Benedict
Watch Dr Who and discussion with visitors
Volunteer work @ parish - cleaning church, organising cupboards/room for storage
Games/Singstar/lunch/discussion with friends
Movie marathon and lots of talking and compring with the Roger Moore James Bond movie marathon
Attend mass and profession of nuns
Serve and play in band @ Mass
Junk mail delivery

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