Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday began as normal - I went to morning Mass, came home and woke up the kids for the morning routine of fitness, tidying up, breakfast, look at the saint for the day, talk about the day, gaming.

Alexander worked on his Italian work for uni. Thomas and Anthony did their Kumon Maths and then we read together the first two stories in the Easy French Reader. They wrote their answers to the comprehension questions.

Silent reading, talking, listening to music, playing guitar before going to a friend's house for a birthday party. Trip to Borders, buying Inkheart to read before we see the movie next week.

Mass and Novena to St Anthony, Anthony serving @ Mass. Chatting after. Discussion on family choices and decisions. Watch an episode of Stargate Atlantis and discuss the morality of the ascended beings. Watch an episode of Numbers and discuss Chaos and Game Theory. Prayers and more reading before bed.

Wednesday? Another quiet day. Blogs and email and gaming. Fitness. Folding pamphlets for Salmat delivery. Chatting to a visitor. Doing online quizzes on Facebook . Piano practice. Read religion books Mass and the Sacraments; Catholic Morality - Fr Laux. More work on Italian and Maths for Alexander.

Wargaming. Gardening. Talk to an unexpected visitor and daughter. Friend over for LOTR miniatures gaming. Alexander help with computer at our parish. Delivery of junk mail - part time job - work ed! Dinner out at a local cafe with people from Women's Group in our parish.

And I guess reading and prayers before bed.

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