Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Updating that log

Monday June 15 ~ Kumon Maths. Chinese for Thomas ( Open University). Anthony and I searched the Sydney Aquarium site and found some activities/worksheets on Aquatic Habitats and Animal Classification. Anthony chose the Murray River basin for his habitat and set off to research. Silent reading. Blogs and Facebook and games. Chores and life skills. PIano practice. WOrk at Kumon. Help with dinner. Watch Stargate Atlantis and talk about why we dislike one character ( Dr Weir) - is it acting or script? Is it her decisons? The way she presents?

Tuesday June 16 - Mass in the Extraordinary Form ( reading missal and Latin). Helping the priest with moving stuff - volunteer work? To the Sydney Aquarium with other homeschoolers (Science Club - next month's topic will be oceans, so the excursion fit in..). Alexander do Maths in the car; Thomas work on Chinese characters; Anthony reading; all listen to music. Lunch after at the Lindt Cafe and fun with friends. Alexander work @ Kumon. Read and talk about Pride and Prejudice. Mass and St Anthony novena, Anthony serving. Help with statues and flowers after and chat to others before organsing takeaway dinner ( kids paying!) and more Stargate Atlantis - discussing science fiction genre.
Wednesday June 17 - Today. Games and chores and computer. Folding and delivery of junk mail ( Work Education). Kumon Maths. Chinese assignment. Read Religion book and write a summary ( those Five Fun Fast Facts). And tell mum about your reading! Morning tea with a friar. Help organise food for parish youth supper. Music lessons. LOTR miniatures games with friends. Free time to read, play games, watch DVDs while mum out for dinner ..
Plans for the rest of the week - Thursday Latin Club; Mass; games with friends; work at Kumon. Mum in the Philippines Thurs night for work; Dad home from Wagga late Thurs night. Friday Mass; Teen group - games and lunch and social at our house; dinner with visiting priest; read about the Sacred Heart.

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