Sunday, July 5, 2009

This week, end of June, beginning of July

What have we done this week? A conglomeration of both planned and unplanned activities; of both directed and undirected activities; of the usual and the different.
Kumon Maths, of course. We have a chart on the fridge, to keep us on track with Maths and the completion of the programme.
Religion reading ~ Saints of the day, the missal in mass in Latin and in English, a biography of St John Vianney, the Cure of Ars.
Serving at mass.
Fitness. Trampolining.
Computer skills.
Work education ~ at Kumon and with Salmat.
Cooking and decorating and organizing for a birthday. Lunches and dinners and morning tea with friends!
Study of Chinese, of Italian, Latin Grammar, Arkadian and Arkadian history.
Writing skills. Research.
Watch We Were Soldiers and read about, talk about the Vietnam War.
Talk about politics, about debating, about political parties and "leaking" and current events.
Teen Group at the Sydney Museum and read about Sydney Town and history.
Piano lessons and practice.
Roleplaying games. Cards. War strategy board games.
Read more of Jane Austen. Read about growing up and issues in Listen Son.
Movies with friends. And discussion - what does it mean to human?
Listening to Michael Jackson CDs and talk about music and trends. And pray.

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