Sunday, September 13, 2009

Plans for the Week of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Kumon Maths
Chinese study Thomas
Work on Religion unit Alexander
Botany project, Harry Potter, Anthony
Research project on types of crosses and crucifixes
Read about Our Lady of Sorrows and pray the Dolores Rosary
Serve at Mass
St Anthony Mass and novena
French class with other homeschoolers
Lunch out and visit Borders with other homeschoolers
Junk mail delivery
Religion reading - Guide For Young Men
Writing summaries
Piano lessons and music practive
Games afternoon with other homeschoolers
Latin - Lingua Angelica; other
Morning tea with parishioners
Kumon Centre work
Watch The Reluctant Saint
Movies and discussion
Silent reading and book discussion
Skateboarding lessons with Teen group and active social at the Olympic park
Youth group
Play in youth band and serve at Youth mass, help with and social at supper after
Emails and facebook
Current events - daily check and discussion ninemsn

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