Monday, September 29, 2008

Offically, it is school holidays

But our life, liturgy and learning continue...

Plans ~
Feast of the Archangels. Discuss and look at artwork. Perhaps Mass in the evening.

Making a Devil's Food cake for today's feast.

Kumon Mathematics.

Blog posts on the RAAF Open Day. Print for files

Uni for Jonathon and Alexander

Wii Fit.

Computer Games.

Check emails for mum's links this week - James Thurber and Rose Seidler House.

Work education at the Kumon centre.

Music practice.

ETA ~ There was also a lot of silent reading. Anthony read The Wizard of Earthsea, for example.

And we watched another episode of Alias, discussing plots within plots, denouement, episodic TV and books and movies..

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Greg said...

I like the idea of a Devil's Food cake on the feast of SS Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael!
I'm going to try my local Church for Mass - St Peter and the Guardian Angels. Apposite. And will try to think of something like Devil's Food cake to celebrate too!