Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feast of St Jerome

We read about St Jerome, and read a bit from the Dhouay-Rheims Bible. Talked about languages - Latin, Aramaic, Ancient Greek.

Skipping with skipping rope for fitness.

Looked at news online ~ Wall Street "crash", environmental report, contaminated milk in China and recall of Cadbury chocolate.

Then we looked at the pictures of Paris on Greg's blog.

Tidy bedrooms and tidy up chores, computer and video games, other homeschoolers over.

Active outside play, team games, social, conversation, Wii games, Singstar with other homeschool friends.
Jonathon uni and music; Alexander looked at a speech he is giving tomorrow at Kumon.

Work ed - Kumon; folding junk mail for delivery, clean up after visitors.

Play piano and guitar.
Silent reading .
Email and internet use ~ writing skills, writing for a purpose and audience.

Serve at St Anthony Mass.

Family discussion on parents, on family culture, on aging.

Watch ALIAS and try to predict endings.
Hmm, a different sort of homeschool-while-on-school-holidays day.


Greg said...

How's ALIAS coming along? Last I heard you were enjoying it but not sure you were addicted...look forward to an update!

Leonie said...

Yeah, we enjoy it but don't LOVE it. It is fun and interesting but not the quality of BG or Dr Who or LonM...

Greg said...

That's a shame. Just re-read the blog post and have an urgent URGENT desire to do Singstar!!

Leonie said...

lol! I didn't do any - just the kids and friend!