Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Manic Monday and Ruby Tuesday

Monday Oct 13

Start of term 4 - already!

Kumon Maths

Junk mail delivery and help at Kumon centre ( work education)

Fitness walk

Library skills - Rouse Hill library

Writing skills - work on novels

Social - parish office; at laser skirmish party; with youth group leaders at meeting.Silent reading - Jules Verne

Computer skills

Tuesday Oct 14

Discuss St Teresa of Avila - print map and flag of Portugal; what does it mean to be a Doctor of the Church? ( Society and Environment; English - oral language, word usage)

French class with other homeschoolers - vocab, grammar, dialogue; set up French blog; Frere Jacques ( Language; Group Skills, Computer )

Active team games with other homeschoolers ( Phys Ed; Social).

Music practice ( Arts)

Silent reading ( English)

Fold junk mail for delivery ( Work education)

Help with dinner ( Food and Technology; Life skills - Personal Development)


Attend/serve at Mass and social after.

Watch Alias and predict endings ( English)

Look at the THINK blog and this week's Physics/Thinking Skills challenge ( Science)


Greg said...

How're the novels going? I'd like to read some of them if anyone wants to send their literary efforts through...listening to Manic Monday now because I felt the need after reading your post's title!
"Cause it takes so long just to figure out what I'm going to wear..." :)

Leonie said...

lol - will let them know when they're ready to share - and thanks for the French tip...