Friday, October 10, 2008

Woo hoo!

Yay! My blog has been unblocked!

Homeschool log for Thursday October 8 ~

Kumon Maths

Work on novel writing. Discuss ideas and stories, plot, characters, writing styles, genre.

Music practice


Computer games and usage

Model making and make and design scenery for LOTR games

Chores and life skills

Silent reading - Jules Verne, King Solomon's Mines, James Thurber, wargaming stuff.

Work education - at Kumon

Help with dinner prep

Discuss ethics and morals, making choices, after watching another episode of Alias.

Log for Friday October 9 ~

Attend Mass.


Computer games and usage

Piano practice

Reading and discussion

Rouse Hill shops and library with friends

Lunch out and discuss budgets and nutrition

Read about the stock market crash and discuss recessions, depressions, the Great Depression, saving, financial markets

Active games with friend

Work ed- volunteer work - work for parish, folding and stapling booklets/newsletters


Greg said...

Is that T in the jacket playing Yu-Gi-Oh with the elder A? He looks like Nick from above!

Leonie said...

Greg - it is you! lol! An old pic!