Thursday, October 23, 2008

St John of Capestrano

Kumon Maths ( Mathematics)

Latin - Latin Grammar ( Language)

THINK Challenge - Place the following materials on the table: 12 straws 30 cm of tape scissors (these may not be used in the solution) an egg (raw or hard-boiled although raw is more fun). The challenge is to build a structure that will support the egg and keep it at least 3 cm above the surface of the table. You may not tape anything to the table or the egg. You may not use any materials besides those listed above. ( Science)

Computer ( Technology)

Game problem solving ( Mathematics)

Reading - Greece and Rome At War; Rome - Echoes of an Ancient Civilization ( Society and Evironment; English)

Piano practice ( Arts)

Fitness ( Phys Ed)

Work at Kumon ( Work Education; Personal Development)

Watch and discuss movies - Crackerjack; episode of Alias ( English; Film and Media).
Read about today's Saint ( Society and Environment)

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