Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday/Wednesday ~ It's better in Latin?

I learned most, not from those who taught me but from those who talked with me. - St. Augustine

We had French class - vocabulary, grammar, masculine and feminine, dialogue, translations.

Games, active games, with other homeschoolers from French class.

Discussions - on education, on nutrition, on fast food, on the internet, on weather, on Dr Who, on teams, on ethics, on books, on history...

Work education - Salmat, Kumon, McDonalds

Chores and life skills

Serve at Mass

Silent reading

Work on writing scenarios for games

Game of Poleconomy - Australia political system

Video games

Internet research - history, recipes, lego, dictionary, slang, French translations

Kumon Maths - Alexander university maths

Read and discuss religion texts - blog, find suitable pic, print as Word document for file, read aloud to others

Conversations wth visitors

Wii fit
Piano practice
Help with cooking


Watching ALIAS and talk about characters - believable? Why/why not?

Prayer - English and Latin

Look at T shirt designs ( sample above) and talk about ideas for logos for T shirts/own designs

Lego construction and design


Greg said...

Nothing that exciting for me...a two hour meeting this morning! But now will make those scones that you sent me the recipe for, a black-eyed bean and yellow gram curry, and will head down to mass at my local church at 7:30. Nice relaxing evening I think.

Leonie said...

How was Mass?

Julie said...

Leonie....where did you get the Poleconomy from? We are about to do some Australian legal/economy/political units next week....this would fit in nicely!

Leonie said...

Found it in an op shop, of all places!!