Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our days

Tuesday ( St Martin of Tours) and Wednesday.

November 11 and 12.

French class with other homeschoolers - review, counting, dialogue, translation, look at Monet's wotk and read educational guide for next week's excursion to the Art Gallery.

Discussion. Followed by active team games.

Read about and discuss St Martin of Tours.

Further discussion of US election and reactions.

Work ed - Kumon and Salmat

Music practice.

Silent reading.

Games of Chess.

Computer games and usage.

Help with cooking dinners and adapting recipes.

Read and write lists and characters and rules for rpgs.

Serve at Mass.

Watch and talk about Get Smart ( types of humour) and Alias ( predictability in plots; drama)

Library visit and skills - Chatswood library

Money and budget

Discussion with Kumon Supervisors re awards ceremony

Listen to music CDs

Movies - Burn After reading - discuss film making and techniques; actors and roles

Watch slideshow and read about new Egyptian pyramid discovery south of Cairo.

Read religion texts



Greg said...

Haven't played chess in a while! Should see if anybody at work likes it. Which reminds me tomorrow between 1pm-2pm in the park outside my office there's an attempt to set the world record for the most people arm wrestling at a single location.
I'll see if I can take a photo (though I don't think I'll be taking part!).

Leonie said...

Oh, I need to see that pic - sounds like fun!