Friday, November 14, 2008

St Albert the Great

Saturday's Saint. Yet we read about him today, about Scholasticism, about St Thomas Aquinas and discussed the marriage of faith and reason and Science. English, Society and Environment, Religion

Our unschool days the last two days?

Kumon Maths. Of course. Mathematics

Then we listened to the Lingua Angelica CD, very peaceful on a very busy morning. And Anthony completed a worksheet related to the CD, from the Lingua Angelica course, on Christus Vincit. Language, Arts

Also did some other Latin worksheets with Thomas. Still listening to the CD.Language

More physics and engineering with this week's THINK challenge - creating a catalogue construction. Since the kids deliver junk mail, we have old catalogues around with which to create buildings - no other materials, no scissors, glue, or tape allowed. Mathematics, Science

Work at Kumon. Help with dinner. Watch Get Smart and Alias. Listen to music. Work on role playing game rules and guides. Read - fiction and non fiction. Computer games and usage. The usual. Work education, Computers, English, Film and Media, Food and technology, Arts

Discuss humur and satire in Terry Pratchett's Truckers book and compare it with the humour of the TV show Fry and Laurie. English

Mass. Homeschool ice skating and hanging out time with other homeschoolers. And piano lessons and piano practise. Phys Ed, Personal Development, Religion

Youth Group for some - helping to organise a party for the friars. Including cooking. Food and Technology, Personal Development


Greg said...

I didn't realise it was St Albert tomorrow. He's a saint I really like. Mostly because of the scholasticism. Was going to get to Mass anyway but now will redouble my efforts!

Julie said...

Tell the boys they did a great job with the challenge!!!!!

Leonie said...

Let me know if you get to mass...

Julie, is Stephanie doing the THINK challenges?

Julie said...

Things have been a bit topsy turvy between Stephanie working, finalizing her OTEN studies and the ACE and we haven't had a chance to do them...we may give this week's challenge a go...though it's a full week again...she's working Monday and we are off to see Little Women on Tuesday and we have the ZOO on Friday...Love busy weeks!!!!

Leonie said...

Let me know how you enjoy Little Women!