Monday, November 24, 2008

The Vietnamese Martyrs

Saturday was the feast of St Cecilia. Sunday was Christ the King.

Our log for last week.

Monday - see the post on St Elizabeth of Hungary.

Tuesday - Went to the Monet Exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery with French class. Reading. Salmat. Kumon work. Mass.

Wednesday - Kumon Maths. Religion reading. Comversation and games with visitors. Reading. Piano. Junk mail delivery. Computer

Thursday - Kumon Maths. Latin. Help with hosting a morning tea. Abba Singstar. Kumon work at centre.

Friday - more reading. Use maps and street directory. Homeschool Teen group excursion to Taronga Zoo. Youth group. More Singstar and more Alias and more discussion.

Saturday - read about St Cecilia. Discuss groups and behaviour. Kumon work. Salmat. Drove to Manly and discussions with priest. Abba Singstar. Discuss ordinations and Extraordinary Rite of Mass with visitor.

Sunday - read at Mass. Discuss Christ the King, Blessed Miguel Pro, liturgical year. Attend and participate in Kumon awards ceremony. Help out. Receive awards. A MC. T Anny look at Borders. Discuss aliens and souls and Church teaching, and ethics and morals and beauty with visitor. Alias. Silent reading. Computer.

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