Saturday, February 7, 2009

Log for the rest of the week

Religion reading and discussion/narration
Strategies and games
Music practice
Chores and life skills
Silent reading
Work ed - junk mail delivery
Book and movie thematic and technique discussion

Kumon Maths
Latin - listen to Lingua Angelica CD
Library skills ( Rouse Hill library)
Wriing skills and maths - tables and data and descriptions for rpgs
Work ed @ Kumon Centre
Research and discussion, using internet, on role of women and 2nd Vatican Council
Watch Life on Mars and compare characters, set, exposition with UK series

Attend Mass; serve @ Mass
Morning fitness
Teen group with other homeschoolers ~ games, active play, sports, talking, music, Singsar, make your own ice cream sundaes
Chores and life skills
Silent reading and reading and discussing blogs
Youth group
Watch 1961 Miss Marple - talk about new and old films, characterisation, development of plot, Agatha Christie, difference in novels and films..

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