Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week of Monday Feb 9

Kumon Maths
Games - video games, computer games, board games, role playing games
Salaries and accounts Kumon ( help with)
Data and graphs Journey North
Silent reading - Holes, F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Invisible Man
Read aloud re saints
Writing skills - novel, reports, journal
Discussion and oral language
Group skills - French and Latin Club
Research skills re reports and Journey North
Film and media - Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, The Watcher in the Woods, Alias, Marx Brothers, cinema - Hotel For Dogs and critical analysis
Book study - Cricket in Times Square
Critical thinking - re education and wide reading
English From The Roots Up
Rouse Hill library
Society & Environment
Journey North - photoperiods, geography, data sheets, internet research, journal
Research New York city and report( Cricket in Times Square)
Current events - ninemsn and Fox news - bushfire, stimulus package
Journey North - sunset and sunrise - data, hypothesis, etc
The Daring Book for Boys
Personal Devt Health Phys Ed
Fitness - yoga, skipping, bike ride, trampoline
Nutrition discussion; discussion re weight control
Work ed - @ Kumon; junk mail delivery; volunteer work homeschool group and @ parish
Time management, chores, life skills
Social w friends @ movies and @ hs groups @ youth group and youth mass and supper
Listen to CDs
Art history - re saints through art
Illustrations for Integrated Unit file folder
Piano lesson
Play in youth band @ mass
French class
Breakfast Latin Club
Latin Mass
Computer - games, internet, email, power point, excel, blogs, tables, Office
Model miniatures
Food and technology ( cooking - Valentines Day)
St Scholastica
Our Lady of Lourdes
St Valentine
Serve @ Mass

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