Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week of March 2

Students select,integrate and applynumerical and spatial concepts and techniques.
Kumon Maths
Games/strategies/problem solving
Timetables and graphs and maps
Data - Journey North
Students use language to understand, develop and communicate ideas and information and interact with others.
Oral language and group skills
Journal and reports - Journey North
Summary - artist bio Cricket In Times Square
Read Cricket and discuss
Undirected silent reading
Discuss books and movies
Writing for rpgs
Informal writing, email etc
Greek and Latin word roots
Word games and spelling - finding words in RESURRECTION
Discuss fairy tales , cultures, story telling ( U film)
Students interact with people and cultures other than their own and are equipped to contribute to the global community.
French class - next lesson First French
French charades
French words @ the Taronga Zoo
French Film Festival - U.
Latin prayers
Students participate increative activity of their own and understand and engage with the artistic, cultural and intellectual work of others.
French film festival and animation
Music practice
Listening skills
Pen and ink sketch
Read about illustrator Garth Williams and look @ books with his illustrations
Students select, use and adapt technologies.
Computer, video games, Singstar
Food and technogy - baking, planning and cooking meals
Design and construct items for rpgs
Society & Environment
Students understand their cultural, geographic and historical contexts and have the knowledge, skills and values necessary for active participation in life in Australia.
Journey North and geography
Current events and look up info re earth tremors and cyclones and archeology
Visit to Taronga Park Zoo
Discuss Mardi Gras
Phys Ed, PD, Health
Students value and implement practices that promote personal growth and well being.
Discuss chastity and sex education
Lenten activites, readings, reflections, penances
Social with friends - French, zoo, youth group, dinner and lunch visitors, french film, archery
Daily fitness
Archery class w other hsers
Discuss confirmation
Students understand and appreciate the physical,biological and technological world and have the knowledge and skills to make decisions inrelation to it.
Journey North and geography
Current events and look up info re earth tremors and cyclones and archeology
Visit to Taronga Park Zoo


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