Sunday, February 22, 2009

Plans - and review....

Students select,integrate and applynumerical and spatial concepts and techniques.
Kumon Maths
Games and strategies and problem solving
Journey North graphs and data
Students use language to understand, develop and communicate ideas and information and interact with others.
Working with others in groups - discussion
Silent reading -
A Cricket in Times Square
Film and media - Alias, Dr Who, Life on Mars
Journal writing Journey North
Report writing
Novel writing
Writing for rpgs
Book and movie discussions - The Princess Bride, LOTR The Return of the King
Students interact with people and cultures other than their own and are equipped to contribute to the global community.
French class and homework
Breakfast Latin Club and homework
French blog - the Louvre
Students participate increative activity of their own and understand and engage with the artistic, cultural and intellectual work of others.
Piano lessons
Art history - Saints and Art Through the Year
Music appreciation
Play @ youth mass
Students select, use and adapt technologies.
Food and technology - pancakes for pancake day
Work on miniatures
Society & Environment
Students understand their cultural, geographic and historical contexts and have the knowledge, skills and values necessary for active participation in life in Australia.
Ash Wednesday, Lent, Fat Tuesday - customs and history and culture
Journey North geography
Cricket in Times Square integrated unit
Current events
Visit to the Australian Museum
Phys Ed, PD, Health
Students value and implement practices that promote personal growth and well being.
Lent penances and reading
Serve @ Mass; attend mass
Religion reading
Group work; negotiation skills
Youth group
Iceskating w hsers
Fitness; Wii fit
Bike ride
Active games with other hsers
Students understand and appreciate the physical,biological and technological world and have the knowledge and skills to make decisions inrelation to it.
Journey North - shadows, sun, etc
Cricket in Times Square integrated unit
Current events
Visit to the Australian Museum

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