Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Week

Journey North
Kumon Maths
Reading and talking
Shakespeare sheets - Romeo and Juliet - quotes and character game
Computer and games and blogs and Facebook
Work at Kumon
Stargate Atlantis
Read aloud, taking turns, re saints for this week
Fold and organise envelopes for church
French class - lesson, read French blog, activities in French from website, phrases to use in conversation this week
Games with friends for lunch and active play
Alexander work at Kumon
Reading and discussion
Mass and serve at St Anthony Mass
Cook dinner (crustless quiche) while mum out at a meeting
DVDs and games with a friend
Fold and deliver junk mail ( Salmat)
Science Club - atoms and chemistry, youtube, worksheets, experiments, discussion
Lunch and games at the park with friends
Discussion re Confirmation and sacraments
Computer and gaming
Music lessons
Discuss economics and political parties
Discussion re choices and decisions
Attend Mass in Extraordinary Form ( Latin Mass) and chat after
Kumon Maths
Read religion books - Fr Laux - Anthony write points re rite of Baptism, Thomas write answers re free will
Review periodic table of elemtns ( to Abba's Ring Ring) and French phrases
Work on novels
Check ninemsn for current events/ news and talk about some of the topics
Nutrition discussion during lunch at Subway
Fitness and trampolining
Alexander uni stuff
Work at Kumon
Games with Dad and friend while mum out
Talk about forgiveness related to Mum's Women's group session
Stargate Atlantis and discussion re plot
Read part of Twilight and talk about grammatical structure, comparing novelists
Attend Mass, serve at Mass, discuss homily, talk about St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross and Christian Feminism
Homeschool Teen Group - breakfast and social at Ikea, walk along Brickpit Ringwalk at the Olympic Park, look at area and ruins, read and talk about history, trade unions, privatisation, natural habitats.
Alexander work at Kumon
Hang out and games with a friend
Youth Group
Finish Stargate Atlantis and discuss possible endings
Silent reading
Stick up flyers at church
Attend picnic with a local parish - games of soccer, talk to others, bbq lunch, nature walk. Talk about different gardens in International Gardens section, abput English gardens and Jane Austen
Chat with a visitor at home
Some out with friends, others read and play games and play music
Some begin watching Lost in Austen and discuss Austen, Pride and Prejudice, fave books and characters, which book we would like to be live in and why...
Set up book basket - Austen, catechism re gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, missal re Litany of Our Lady for May...

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