Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week in review

On Monday, the kids elected to stay home and catch up on stuff when I went for coffee with a friend. They did their Kumon Maths, Aexander caught up on language study and Anthony did some more exploring with Journey North stuff - it is almost finished, so he and Greg looked up latititudes and longitudes and pics of possible places...Then we went to Kumon! Read some more of Inkheart, watched Stargate Atlantis.

Tuesday was French - a review of body parts, of dialogue, some translation and grammar. We wolfed down morning tea and went to the movies with French class to see Inkheart. Discussed Brendan Fraser's character and the power of words over lunch and shopping with friends. Work for Alexander, serving at Mass, novena to St Anthony , games with brothers and friends - while mum went to movie club.

Wednesday began with games and fitness, silent reading, Alexander and I went to the dentist and shops. We read about St Catherine of Siena and Doctors of the Church. Anthony regaled us with information about The Great Schism and the Byzantines. He went through a Byzantine-ish reading frenzy awhile ago. And while we talked of Shakespeare and found our copy of the book Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb, Anthony and I also discussed his personal reading. Bulldog Drummond ( an bit B grade, he says), poems by Tennyson and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. Prayed the Anima Christi. Morning tea with a visitor, lunch out and a long discussion of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and the Holocaust, delivery of junk mail, games with brothers and friends while mum at a meeting.Lots of reading and writing of novels.

We began Thursday with Latin Breakfast Club, after mum going to mass and working out and kids doing chores and using the computer. The kids played at the park, played active games, played Star Trek Monopoly -oh, and did Latin! We reviewed some Latin words and greetings and grace, listened to Veni Veni Emanuel, learned Adeste Fideles and vocabulary. Work at Kumon, gaming and ordering pozza for dinner, cake with dad when he came home from interstae, discuss Womens' Group with mum when she came home.

Friday fitness, Mass and serve at Mass, discussion about the internet and
appropriate/inappropriate conversation,ice skating with other homeschoolers, reading, lunch with dad, music practice, more reading, youth group for some, attend a Missa Cantata in Extraordinary Form for others, discussion of our different nights with family and a friend. Oh, and a Numbers episode before bed!

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