Thursday, August 27, 2009

Log Aug 24 and on

Monday ~ Kumon Maths, Chinese and Italian assignments, Harry Potter unit - Hagrids';letter and research/report/diagram re bats, games, reading,music, fitness, work at Kumon, Stargate Atlantis and discussion.

Tuesday ~ Work ed- Junk mail delivery, French class - movies, games with friends, Work ed - Kumon, chores, mass and novena, serve at Mass, finish SG series and talk about other possible endings, characters, etc, silent reading, prayers in Latin.

Wednesday ~ Food and Technology - cooking; computers, mini golf and games with friends, junk mail delivery, help with dinner and Kumon reports, reading, Akkadian, writing on novels, music, watch Willow and discuss fantasy genre.

Thursday ~ Kumon Maths, Chinese and Italian, work on novels, Latin - Lingua Angelica and Gregorian Chant, reading,music, bike ride, work at Kumon, watch old Disney films, computer

Friday ~ Junk mail delivery, mass and serve at Mass, movies - GI Joe, lunch and conversation, reading, Youth group, cooking, games

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