Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This week so far...

On Monday, the kids did fitness, Kumon Maths, worked on language assignments, internet research, Anthony worked on a Science and Society & Environment project from the book Science Is... survival techniques on the moon! Gaming, reading, book and movie discussions, piano, guotar, work at Kumon, watch Premonition with Sandra Bullock and discuss possible endings and how directors/writerd create tension, prayers in Latin and English. And we went to a Latin Mass.

Tuesday, today, we plan on table tennis, bike rides, French class and active games with friends, work at Kumon and at junk mail delivery, Mass and Novena and serve at Mass. Reading? Anny - The Aeneied; Thomas - War and Peace. And the Akkadian language book just arrived in the mail - Introduction to Akkadian. Anny is rapt! We also have to do our September bulletin board..thinking about a wall for the Year of the Priest.

Wednesday Junk Mail delivery and help friends with their work ( Work Education); read about the saints for the week; work on personal projects ( Latin, Akkadian, study for Chinese and Italian exams, silent reading, role playing game creation); music lessons; games with friends

Thursday Maths; Latin, exam prep, baking, work at Kumon, movies and discussion, music practice, fitness; mass for the Year of the priest and breakfast out with others from the parish

Friday Mass and serving; Open Uni exams; skateboarding lesson and free skate; active social games and lunch with other homeschoolers @ Olympic Park

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