Wednesday, October 1, 2008

St Therese of Lisieux

A day of frayed or short tempers...some of the time..not sure why..

Went to Mass for today's feast.

Thomas worked at McDonalds; Alexander spoke at a Kumon workshop; Jonathon scanned pics and worked on colours to help me with the church newsletter

Worked on Kumon Mathematics.

Read INFORM, re WYD and wrote a summary - blogged and printed a copy. Oral reading of summaries.

Silent reading - more Thurber, some John Christopher.

Piano and guitar.

Listen to music CDs.

Write characters and scenarios for rpgs.

Co-operative video games.


Chores and life skills.

Work ed - help with parish newsletter; delivery of junk mail.

Organise budget and money and chip in to buy dinner.

Discussion re vocabulary and language usage and different meanings - double entendre

Watch ALIAS and compare to to othr TV series and to books of similar genre.

Talk to visitors.
Help plan and look for pics and set up October's bulletin board.


Greg said...

How did the double entendre discussion come about? Or is it better I ask that over the phone... :)

Leonie said...

I think it was me - happy people...

Chris said...

How did Alexander's talk go?

Leonie said...

Very well, apparently. I'm told he didn't seem nervous, he inspired some others and even made a few jokes!

Chris said...

Great to hear. Good on you Alexander.