Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This week (Feb 15 - 21)

Students select,
integrate and apply
numerical and spatial
concepts and techniques
Kumon Maths
Role playing games and statistics
Journey North
Budget and banking
Games and problem solving
Students use language
to understand, develop and
communicate ideas and
information and interact
with others.

Journal writing
Writing novel
Writing game instructions
Silent reading and author discussion
Lord of the Rings
Word roots
Report writing
Cricket in Times Square
Meaning of votive and votive masses
Students interact with
people and cultures other than
their own and are equipped to
contribute to the global

French class
Making French games; playing games
Word roots - Dolors - Latin
Students participate in
creative activity of their own
and understand and engage
with the artistic, cultural and
intellectual work of others.

Music practice
Youth band @ Mass
Saints: A Year in Faith and Art
Read about Fra Angelico
Students select, use
and adapt technologies.

Computer usage and programs
Baking and meal preparation
Game design and construction
Students understand and
appreciate the physical,
biological and technological
world and have the knowledge
and skills to make decisions in
relation to it.

Journey North and research
Research and report on insects, phyllum
Society & Environment
Students understand their
cultural, geographic and
historical contexts and have
the knowledge, skills and
values necessary for active
participation in life in

Journey North
Current events - fire, Liberal Party
Read about St Peter Damien and Seven Servite Founders and Chair of St Peter
History of Bondi Beach
Phys Ed, PD, Health
Students value and
implement practices that
promote personal growth and
well being.

Serve @ Mass
Group skills
Active games w other hsers
Work ed - Kumon; Salmat
Discussion re relationships
Homeschool Teen Group and movies

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